offers special games just for the basketball lover


College basketball, and the NBA season, is in full swing, and to celebrate the return of basketball, has some thrilling new online blackjack games designed with the basketball lover in mind. Basketball and blackjack naturally go together as both games offer unpredictability and excitement. With basketball and blackjack, literally anything can happen at any time.

The first one is Spanish blackjack. It is purely offensive with trick plays and lightning speed. It has larger payouts and the game utilizes a smaller deck and offers several ways to end up with 21. There are even ways to win if you turn up a 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 combo.

Double Exposure blackjack is a challenge few athletes could turn down. Like the teams that have deadly three point shooters, the game is fast and high risk but the payouts are much larger than just about any other online blackjack game out there. To add to the excitement, this game allows the table to actually see the dealer’s cards. You have to be aggressive to win at Double Exposure and many times the game is decided just as the buzzer sounds.

Finally, Switch blackjack offers the challenge that only the well put together team can offer. No reliance on the superstar here. The team plays and wins together. In this online blackjack version, the player gets two cards with which they can swap out to make stronger and more winning hands. Don’t like the hand you were dealt? Then, just switch it all out and have two great players working for you instead of leaving everything to just the superstar.


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