At, Caribbean stud poker just might pay you 100:1


Your poker skills will always be put to the ultimate test when you play Caribbean Stud Poker at Play There is little strategy and you have no other players around the table. It’s just you against the dealer with winner taking all. This is one of the most popular games at all of the online casinos and it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

First off, you place down your wager, which can be as small as one dollar at the online casinos. The dealer deals five cards to both the house and to you and all cards are dealt face down except for one card that the dealer will hold and show. Next, with the online game, you will actually see your cards as they will show up face up to you. With the dealer card showing, you can raise or fold right away.

If you decide to raise, you must throw in at least what your original wager was. If you decide to fold, that’s the game and the house gets your initial wager. If you decide to continue, and make your raise, the dealer while then be required to flip over the house’s four face down cards so that you can see exactly what your playing against.

You will win even money if the dealer’s cards fail to show at least a King or an Ace. The potential at blackjack to consistently win at even odds or at 3:2 is pretty common. But, with Caribbean Stud Poker, your chances can run as high as a payout of 100 to 1.

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