How to end up being blacklisted at the online casinos


Yes, there is, indeed, a dreaded “black list” at the online casinos. Like their brick and mortar counterparts, the online casinos will quickly prevent a player from playing for certain infractions. In addition, the online casinos quickly share this information with all of the other casinos. If you end up on a blacklist, you will be known all around the world as someone who will not be welcomed at their virtual tables or slots.

At their recent annual meeting in Montreal, the online gambling industry stressed the major problem of certain people looking to defraud the online casinos and the industry in general. The have taken steps to ensure that those players looking to defraud are eliminated from the world wide players pool.

While there can be a variety or reasons that a player will be quickly blacklisted, these seem to be the ones that come up most often:

  • Player will manipulate the gaming software so as to give themselves a definite advantage toward winning.
  • Using another person’s credit card.
  • Disputing, or even threatening to dispute, the charges that have been billed to your credit card.
  • Having more than one account per computer or household.

The infraction that the online casinos take most seriously is a gambler who disputes charges. Generally, when that happens, a person tells their credit card company that the charge on their card is not legitimate. The credit card company will remove it. What they, then, do, however, is to charge that amount back to the casino along with a hefty fee. Not only is the casino out the money you promised but they have to pay the credit card company a fee on top of it all. This is the quickest way to end your online gaming career.

The blacklist is shared world wide. If you make it to the list, you will not be welcomed at any online casino anywhere in the world.

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