Download or no download? That is the question…


Before you begin your exciting online casino adventure, you should think about the type of casino you want to play at. There are basically two types. There are those where you have to download their gaming software and those online casinos where you don’t have to download. Both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.

For the most part, downloading the casino’s software tends to offer a more thrilling experience. The graphics and the sounds are more vivid due to the advanced gaming technology that is currently available. Also, in the downloaded games, the animation is extremely lifelike especially regarding the characters and the wheels. You can be up and playing much faster with the downloaded versions of games than you can with the no download. The one draw back on the downloaded sites is that you just can’t play from anywhere, or from any device, like you can with the no download online casino sites.

The no download sites are generally played within whatever browser you are using and is operated with Flash technology for the most part. So, your Flash plug-in needs to be already loaded and running before you play. You can, however, be anywhere in the world on any computer and you can play without having to download any gaming software. Unlike the downloaded versions, games can be rather fuzzy and the sounds distorted somewhat and the speed of your internet connection will affect the quality of the play.

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