Casino Battle is newest thrill ride and only CafeCasino has it


Casino Battle is the newest, and one of the most exciting, table games now being featured at It is a two person play where you have to out duel the dealer in this non stop action adventure. It is a high stakes game of War where you and the dealer each draw a card and the high card wins every time.

It starts to get interesting when both you and the dealer draw cards that are equal. What will you do then? Will you choose to go to war with the dealer or will you formally surrender to the dealer? Surrender means that you will lose half of the money you wagered so strategy plays a huge part in your overall game plan.

The ultimate battle can progress as far as you want it to as you can wager anywhere from one dollar up to $500. In addition, the game action is extremely realistic as there is a full soundtrack to the game as you are playing. It has all of the background noise found at a live casino which will make you believe that you are right in the middle of the action at the Vegas strip.

Some of the great features to Casino Battle at CafeCasino is that all ties pay off at a 10 to 1 payout and you can easily remove your winnings with just a click of your mouse. Now is the time to go to war with a dealer and rake in the immediate winnings.

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