JR Tips Smart Money: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

A rematch is coming in the Mile High City this Thursday (Sept 5, 2013) evening between two teams that faced each other in the bitter cold during last years NFL playoffs. JR explains why this up tempo game is going to be all about offense.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Coming Off a 16-12 Week
  • Premium NFL Plays 67%
  • VIP NFL Plays 70.4%
  • BALTIMORE Ravens are a 7.5 Point Underdog
  • Denver Broncos Total 49.5 Points
  • Broncos are #1 in JR Tips Power Rankings
  • Ravens are #15 in JR Tips Power Rankings
  • Ravens Beat the Broncos Last Year 38-35
  • Year 2 for Coach Jim Caldwell with the Ravens
  • Ravens Offense
  • Joe Flacco’s Longball
  • Ravens Looked Good in the Preseason!
  • Ravens Defense
  • Terrell Suggs
  • Ravens Defense was Rated 22nd in NFL Last Year
  • Denver Broncos was Rated #2 in Offensive Production in NFL Last Year
  • Denver Broncos Predicted to be one of the Best Broncos Teams in History
  • Peyton Manning
  • Eric Decker
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Wes Welker
  • Julius Thomas
  • Broncos Offense
  • 190 Possessions and Scored 481 Points
  • Broncos Defense is questionable

Important Statistics

  • Ravens are 5-0 Against the Spread
  • The Broncos are 20-7 Against the Spread
  • League Average in Points has gone up
  • Look for an up tempo offensive Game 48.5 Total

Our Pick: Take Over the Total Baltimore-Denver


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