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Free 2015 College Football Picks: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State looked bad at times last season.  It appeared that they were going to miss a bowl game all together before Mike Gundy inserted true freshman Mason Rudolph at quarterback.  Some fans were a little upset that he burned his redshirt so late in the season, but others understood that if the Cowboys were going to prepare for the future, that it might as well start now.  Rudolph didn’t disappoint as he defeated rival Oklahoma and eventually won the bowl game as well.  Rudolph will be the starter to begin the season and is carrying plenty of expectations with him as well.

Fans in Stillwater haven’t been this excited to start a season in quite a while.  With their quarterback situation looking pretty promising, the Cowboys could get themselves back into contention sooner rather than later.  The only thing that they are hoping is that Rudolph is able to continue the solid performances that he had last season.  We’ve seen many times where a quarterback comes in a gives fans a lot of hope, only to not be able to play at that high of a level all season.

Oklahoma State fans are feeling pretty good about Rudolph being able to play at a high level for an entire season.  As a true freshman last season, Rudolph looked more like an upper-classman than a first-time starter.  The best thing that can happen for the Cowboys is if Rudolph plays at that high of a level for the entire season.  He won the hearts of OSU fans when he beat Oklahoma last season, so he will be given a lot of slack.  Assuming he plays at the level that he did last season, then we could see Rudolph and Oklahoma State putting together a 10-2 record for their best-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario for Oklahoma State is if Rudolph proves that he can’t handle the stresses of being a quarterback on a weekly basis.  Now that he knows he is the leader of the team, he will have to handle a lot of the pressure that comes along with it.  Their offense has usually been pretty good under Gundy, but we saw what can happen when they don’t have a solid quarterback.  If Rudolph struggles, then we could see Oklahoma State have a record in the neighborhood of 6-6 for their worst-case scenario.

We don’t believe that Rudolph will be the dominant quarterback that we saw in the couple of games he started last season.  But we also don’t believe he will be a complete bust.  Teams have some game film on him now, so his job is going to be a lot tougher now that he won’t be surprising anyone.  He will have some bad games mixed in with the good ones.  The Cowboys just hope that his good games happen against the better competition.  Our expert NCAAF betting picks have Oklahoma State going 8-4 this season and getting back on track in the conference.

Free NCAAF Picks: 2015 Texas Longhorns Preview

College Football's Most Valuable TeamsThe Texas Longhorns didn’t have the season they were expecting in their first year under head coach Charlie Strong.  In Strong’s defense, he didn’t have a lot to work with and was forced to dismiss a lot of the players on the team for disciplinary reasons.  Now that the dust has settled, fans are expecting more improvement in 2015.  The offense was one of the worst in the league last season, which made the defense look a lot worse than it actually was.  Now that Texas has a couple of more options at the quarterback position, we could see a different offensive style for the Longhorns.

Tyrone Swoopes wasn’t supposed to be the starter last season, but when David Ash was forced to end his career due to multiple concussions, he was thrown into the fire.  He showed flashes at times, but he didn’t thrive against equal or greater competition.  Now redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard is right on his tail and competing this offseason for the starting job.  Strong indicated that the job is wide open, so competition in the locker room should benefit both quarterbacks.

The Longhorns appear to be implementing a spread-style offense this season.  From what we’ve seen, Heard may be better equipped to run that offense, but he just doesn’t have the experience that Swoopes has.  Texas opens the season on the road against Notre Dame, so they don’t have any time to waste.  The best-case scenario for the Longhorns is if Heard takes control of the offense this summer.  An offense that can put up points will help out the defense and give them a chance to win some of their toughest games on the schedule.  The best record we can see for Texas this season is 8-4.

Things have been pretty bad in Austin over the last four or five years ever since Colt McCoy graduated.  With their toughest schedule in years on the horizon, there’s a pretty decent chance that the Longhorns will struggle again this year.  The worst-case scenario for the Longhorns is if neither quarterback takes control and they don’t have a leader on offense.  If that happens, then Texas could be looking at an even worse season in Strong’s second season.  The worst record that the Longhorns could have this season is 5-7.

Texas is an interesting team this season because they have a lot of talent.  The one position that they haven’t developed talent at in the past is at quarterback.  Unless that changed over the offseason, Texas could be looking at another tough season.  They could surprise us all, or they may be at the bottom of the Big XII conference.  We believe they will be somewhere in the middle.  The Longhorns should appear to be improved, but we don’t think they know how to win games yet.  As a result we are predicting that Texas has a 7-5 record for our  expert NCAAF picks.

NFL Betting Picks: 2015-16 Seattle Seahawks Preview

2014 - 2015 Seattle SeaHawks ScheduleIf there's any team in the NFL that has a collective chip on their shoulder, it has to be the defending NFC Champions. The Seattle Seahawks had a great chance of repeating as Super Bowl champions, but fell just short to the New England Patriots. They have been the clear favorite in the NFC for a couple of years, and there's no reason to believe that they shouldn't be this year too. They return most of their key players, and even added a couple of pieces that will be able to make them even better. We are going to take a look at the best and worst-case scenarios for the Seahawks for the 2015 season.

With Russell Wilson as the quarterback for the Seahawks still, you have to consider them the favorites to win the NFC West Division. Wilson made a critical mistake in the Super Bowl that cost his team, but he is the main reason why they got there in the first place. Now he has another weapon with Jimmy Graham at the tight end position to make them even more dangerous in the red zone.

Seattle's defense should be among the best in the league again. Combine that with the efficient offense that they should have, and the Seahawks could be looking at another special season. They haven't had to rebuild in years and they still aren't a very old team. Unless Seattle has some unfortunate injuries to key players, we could be looking at them going 13-3 for a best-case scenario record in the tough NFC.

The NFC West Division is one of the toughest in the league. Arizona is on the rise and St. Louis appears to be headed that way as well. It's hard to tell what San Francisco will have since they have a new coaching staff, but every team in their division will push the Seahawks.

It used to be Seattle and then everyone else in the division, but that's not the case anymore. The worst thing that can happen for Seattle is that the other teams just get a lot better a hand them a couple extra losses. Injuries could be a factor, but we still think they will be a pretty good team. Despite the division improving significantly, we still believe the Seahawks will have a worst-case scenario record of 10-6.

Struggling means something different to Seattle than it does to most other teams in the NFL. When the Seahawks were .500 after six games last season, some NFL experts were overreacting and saying that the dynasty may be over. The fact is that it was just a little bump in the road and they proved that they can turn it on at any time and get back into contention. They are led by their defense, which should be the case again this year. Our  expert NFL picks have the Seahawks finishing with a 12-4 record in 2015. Other teams in their division will push them, but they will end up on top and have another chance at making a run through the playoffs and to the Super Bowl.

2015 NFL Picks: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers: Looking for reliable backup quarterbackThe San Francisco 49ers have been a pretty stable franchise over the last handful of years, but they are going through the most turnover in their division entering the 2015 season.  After an 8-8 season last year, coach Jim Harbaugh decided to leave for the college ranks.  The Niners hired coach Jim Tomsula to be their new head coach, and he is already getting questioned and criticized by the media.  He isn’t exactly the best media personality, which is pretty much what you have to be to get respect nowadays.  We don’t know how good of a coach he can be yet, but we are going to break it down in our best and worst-case scenarios for the San Francisco 49ers.

Led by quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it seems like the luster of the Niners has worn off.  They had a lot of issues in the locker room last season that could have been a reason why they finished with just an average record.  When teams started keying in on Kaepernick and making him one-dimensional last season, the Niners lost a lot of their offensive firepower.  It’s hard to imagine a scenario where San Francisco is better off without Harbaugh, but they do have the talent to be pretty good this year.

The best scenario for Niners fans is if they find out that the players really didn’t respect Harbaugh last season and they didn’t play hard as a result.  If that’s the case, then we could see them play harder than ever and get back to being like the team that made it to two straight NFC Championship games.  Tomsula may not be as good of a strategic coach as Harbaugh, but if he is more personable, then it could go a long way towards their success.  If that happens, then we could see the Niners going 10-6 this season.

Unfortunately for San Francisco fans, the worst-case scenario will be the most likely outcome this season.  Tomsula could prove that he isn’t cut out to be an NFL head coach, even though he was a pretty good coordinator.  The players may like him, but if he doesn’t put them in a position to win, then it’s not going to look good in the standings.  Despite all the talent they have on their roster, we could still see the Niners going 7-9 this season as a worst-case scenario record.

We don’t believe the Niners will completely plummet this season, but we definitely don’t see them contending for the NFC West division title just yet.  We will have to see how Tomsula fits in as an NFL head coach before we make any bold predictions on the future of 49ers football.  As for this season, we expect it to be an up-and-down ride.  They are capable of beating anyone, but will likely lose a couple of games that they shouldn’t.  As a result, our NFL betting predictions have the 49ers going 8-8 again this season.

Winning Betting Tips for Online Poker

赌博gambling0504a01Online poker can be frustrating. You could get frustrated because of the speed of the game, the way the online system works, or any other reason. But the root cause of frustration for most people is the fact that they can't seem to win any money. Just know that you aren't alone in that aspect. The good thing is that there are some pretty legitimate reasons why you aren't winning. Some of them are obvious, but some of them you may not have even realized you are doing. Before you get too frustrated at the game, take a look at these reasons why you may be losing. You may find that a couple of corrections could put you on the winning side of the equation.

Probably the main reason why you aren't winning is simply because you haven't played enough hands. Online poker requires a lot of time and effort to get good at it. If you've only played a thousand or so hands and expect to be winning consistently, you need to think again. That consistent winning probably won't happen until you get around ten thousand plus hands under your belt.

Online poker is awesome because you can play multiple tables at once. However, you may be losing more because of it. You have to be a consistent winner before you can be any good at multi-tabling. If you're losing consistently, then you need to stick with a single table so you can improve on your skills before going after the quantity of the games you play.

Just because you're playing online poker doesn't mean you can avoid studying the game offline. If you haven't read any books or articles about the nuances of poker in general, then it will probably take you a long time to win. There's a reason why you are losing and other people are successful playing online poker. A big reason is probably because they have studied more than you.

This goes back to the point about studying the game, but you may be losing because you make too many calls. Online betting advantage tips experts report that if you are confident that you don't have the best hand, then just fold. There's no sense in paying just to see your opponent's cards. You may get lucky once or twice, but the majority of the time you are going to lose and wonder why your chip stack can't get replenished.

Free NFL Picks: 2015 Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Rookie Camp (Ronnie Yell)The Arizona Cardinals were one of the surprise teams in the NFL last season when they went 11-5 in the regular season.  They dealt with more injuries that most other teams had to deal with and still ended up making the playoffs.  They ultimately didn’t have enough depth or strength at the quarterback position to make a run, but Arizona fans have to like where their team is at heading into the 2015 season.  The Cardinals should be pretty solid defensively again, but their offense is the big question.  We will take a closer look at the best and worst-case scenarios for the Cardinals for the upcoming 2015 season.

What ultimately hurt Arizona last season in the playoffs was the lack of offense.  Their defense should be able to keep them in most of their games this season, but they aren’t going to improve unless they are able to generate more points offensively.  To their defense, they had to deal with the injury to Carson Palmer last season and never really recovered.  Arizona is hoping that Palmer will be able to remain healthy this season so they can keep up with teams in their division and the rest of the NFC.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, even having Palmer healthy again may not be enough to get their offense clicking.  Palmer would have Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, but even he is aging.  Andre Ellington is a decent option at running back, but he isn’t good enough to be able to keep some consistency within the offense.  It just seems like the Cardinals have more questions than answers on offense, so we believe that their worst-case scenario record this season could be 6-10.

The encouraging part about the Cardinals entering the season is that they were able to weather the storms of injuries and adversity all last season and still come away with a good record.  They should start the season healthy, and they will hope to remain that way throughout the season.  If that happens, then there’s a chance that the Cardinals could contend for the NFC West Division.  It may be difficult to contend with the Seahawks, but with their defense being one of the best in the league like they were last year, they don’t need a very high-powered offense in order to compete.  For that reason, we have the best-case scenario record for the Cardinals at 11-5.

As much as the signs point to the Cardinals being a great team this season, we just aren’t that high on them.  You can’t doubt how good their defense is going to be this season, but we are going to have to see their offense in order to believe that they will be any better. Our expert NFL picks for betting could change throughout the season, but for right now, we have the Cardinals taking a little step back and finishing with a 9-7 record and barely missing out on a wild card spot.

Free NCAAF betting Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers

the 2012 west virginia mountaineer football team came into the 2012 ...It’s safe to say that the transition to the Big XII Conference hasn’t been very easy for the West Virginia Mountaineers.  As they struggle to adapt to the style of play of the conference on a weekly basis, they are also starting to improve in different areas.  Coach Dana Holgorsen has received some criticism at times as not being able to get his team to adapt to the higher level of competition.  The Mountaineers haven’t contended for a conference championship yet, but they have beaten some quality opponents at times.  Consistency will be the key for West Virginia, so we are going to look at their best and worst-case scenarios this season.

The Mountaineers seem to fit in more with the Big XII now that they have been in for a few years.  They don’t seem like they are quite ready to contend for the conference title yet, but beating Baylor last season shows that they are on the right track.  They will have to face another tough non-conference schedule, so this may not be the year that they turn a corner.  Fans are just hoping for a little more progress at this point.

The best thing that can happen for West Virginia this season is if they find a quarterback that can put together high-level performances on a consistent basis.  Even when they had Geno Smith, he was still always vulnerable to having a bad game on any given week.  With the competition level so high in the Big XII, it takes a consistent quarterback to be able to compete on a weekly basis.  If they are able to find that guy this offseason, then the Mountaineers may be able to shock some teams like they did against Baylor last season.  Our best-case scenario record for West Virginia is 8-4.

West Virginia’s defense was good last season, but it wasn’t great.  Playing in a conference that scores a lot of points from top to bottom means that you have to have a defense that can at least slow down opposing offenses.  The Mountaineers were able to do that against Baylor last season, but they struggled against other teams.  For a young football team, the worst thing that can happen for West Virginia this season is if they don’t make much improvement from last season.  If that happens, then we could see a worst-case scenario record of 5-7 for the Mountaineers.

We want to believe that this is the year that West Virginia becomes more consistent, but we will have to see it before we can believe it.  The Mountaineers just haven’t proven that they can contend consistently with the quarterbacks that they have on campus.  Unless one of them has made some big strides over the offseason, then it’s hard to predict them to do good things this season.  As a result, our NCAAF picks have West Virginia going 6-6 this season and barely making a bowl game.

NFL betting picks: Top NFL Free Agents Remaining on Offense

Michael VickNFL camps are beginning and most of the rosters are jam-packed with players. However, there are always injuries that happen that make teams change their plan of action and go after free agents at positions they need. Teams need to sign free agents for a variety of reasons, but there's a decent chance that the players we mention here won't be without a job for long. Injuries and roster cuts will force teams to seek out additional depth, or to replace an underperforming player. We are going to look at some of the best offensive free agents available right now.


  1. Pierre Thomas

Thomas is one of the most versatile running backs in the league. In fact, there aren't many other backs in the NFL that caught more balls out of the backfield than Thomas. He may not be able to physically handle the brunt of being an every-down running back, but he will likely find a home soon. His versatility is what will make him attractive for a team that is in need of an additional spark out of the backfield.


  1. Ahmad Bradshaw

Bradshaw is a bruising back that is getting up there in age. He is always battling some sort of injury, which is probably why teams don't want to take a chance on him. There's also that little factor that he has to serve a one-game suspension to start the season. Bradshaw may not sign with a team right away, but he would be a solid option for anyone needing a short-yardage back.


  1. Michael Vick

Vick is 34 years old and is starting to show it. As much as he thinks he can still play the game at a high level, he needs to face the reality that he couldn't beat out Geno Smith for the starting job for the Jets. Still, Vick has the potential to be a playmaker for any team. His starting days may be over in the NFL, but he would serve as a solid backup option for a lot of teams.


  1. Chris Johnson

It wasn't too long ago that Johnson was the best running back in the league. He is recovering from an incident that happened over the offseason, but he's still talented enough to get a good amount of carries for a team. He doesn't have the breakaway speed that he once had, but he has enough speed to change the pace of the game. Teams that don't have an every-down back may come calling Johnson soon to create a dual-threat out of the backfield.


  1. Reggie Wayne

Wayne is one of the best receivers in the history of the Indianapolis Colts, but his better days are behind him. Wayne wants to play for one more season, but he might be hard-pressed to find a contender that wants his services. With that said, the Patriots are a team that have given veteran players a chance late in their career and has had some success with them. There isn't a lot of interest overall in Wayne right now, but he could find himself on a roster by the time the season begins. There are plenty of contending teams that could benefit from his talent.


Most of these players have already peaked in their careers, but they can still be valuable if they get into the right system. For each of the players, finding a team that will be able to highlight their skills will be more important than just finding a team that needs another player as soon as possible. Getting into the wrong fit could hurt them for the end of their career, because the microscope is on them now more than ever.


Teams will probably be able to get any of these players at a really good price, but they have to decide whether it is worth it. Their contributions will likely be limited due to their age and injury history. Still, our expert NFL predictions have each of these players landing with a team. It may not be before the season starts, but there's a good chance that teams will be calling once the injuries start to mount.

2015 College Football Picks: Kansas Jayhawks

Can Charlie Weis Turn Kansas Jayhawks Football Program Around In 2013?The Kansas Jayhawks have been the doormat of the Big XII Conference for about the last five years or so. After going through a few coaches, they believe they may have found their coach in David Beaty. Beaty has said all the right things since he's been hired, and he is also attracting talent that wouldn't have given the Kansas a program a look otherwise. His ties to the state of Texas should prove to be valuable in the coming years, but his task this season is to use what he has to instill a level of confidence amongst his players. Developing a winning attitude will be crucial for him this offseason, and we will take a look at whether he can get it done in our best and worst-case scenarios for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Kansas got their first conference win last season in more than two seasons. It was a monumental win for a program that has been one of the worst in the country recently. Beaty won't be looking for any excuses this season, and he won't allow his players to do that either. With the wide-open competitions this spring and summer, we should expect the Jayhawks to start the season with a different attitude than we've seen in the past.

The best thing that can happen for the Jayhawks this season is if the players buy in to Beaty's plan right away. They don't have a ton of talent on their roster, so if they are going to win games this season, it will be because they play with a lot of heart and determination. We know that's what Beaty has been preaching all offseason, so if they players believe it and show it on the field, then we could see a best-case scenario record of 4-8 for Kansas this season.

It's always difficult to bring in a new coach to any program, no matter how good he is. There will always be philosophical differences among the coaches and players, which could lead to disagreements and players leaving the program. That may not be the worst thing that could happen in Beaty's first year, but he's got to have guys buy in if Kansas is going to have any success this season.

Beaty may be the right guy to turn the Jayhawks program around, but the worst-case scenario for them this season is still pretty bad. He could quickly find out why they have been at the bottom of the conference for so long. Unless he can find a way to get the absolute best out of every player on his roster, then we could see Kansas being as bad as 1-11 like we've seen before.

We believe that the Kansas players will buy in to Beaty's style, just because they are tired of losing games all the time. However, that doesn't mean that it will automatically translate to wins. It's going to be a struggle for Kansas in Beaty's first season, but we should see signs of progress. We wouldn't be surprised is Kansas were able to contend with the mid-tier teams in the conference this season, and maybe even pull off an upset. They've been trending in that direction, so any amount of confidence that they have will be huge for their success. Kansas will look better, but our  2015 college football predictions still have them finishing with a 3-9 record.


Free Sports Picks for the 2015 NCAAF season: Iowa State Cyclones

2015 Iowa State Cyclones Football Preview | Maddux SportsIowa State has been a program that has seen some ups-and-downs under coach Paul Rhoads. However, they have seen a lot more downs than ups over the last couple of seasons. The Cyclones were once a team that was always good for pulling off at least one major upset each year. But now that they have had the attention of the top teams in the conference, they have fallen back a little bit. The Cyclones have struggled mightily to stay ahead of Kansas for the worst team in the Big XII. The one thing that is saving Rhoads is that he has some talented players on campus that he recruited a couple years ago. He has done a tremendous job of rebuilding the program, so he has the chance to prove he can develop top talent for a below-average program. His time may be running short, though, so we will look at the best and worst-case scenarios for Iowa State this season.

The most important thing that has to happen for Iowa State this season is to get their confidence back. They know that their coach may be on the hot seat if they don't perform well this season, so expect them to play hard in every game this season. The offense showed signs of life last season under offensive coordinator Mark Mangino, so we expect there to be even more improvement this season. Now that the players have had a full year to understand the offense and what they are trying to accomplish, we may see Iowa State become a team that can pull off some upsets again. If that happens, then the best-case scenario record for them this season is 7-5.

While Iowa State fans would be ecstatic over a seven-win season, it's highly unlikely to happen. With the Big XII projected to be fairly deep this season, the Cyclones haven't made a big impact in quite a while. They have a decent quarterback, but he just isn't consistent enough to play a good full game, much less a good full season.

The Cyclones hit rock bottom last season when they lost to Kansas, so we will see if they respond with a chip on their shoulder this season. We think they will be a little better, but they still could be looking at a last place finish in the conference. If they aren't able to make improvements from last season, then we could see their record be as low as 2-10 for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately for Iowa State fans, we believe that the Cyclones will be closer to our worst-case scenario record this season. They didn't show many signs of life toward the end of last season, so it's hard to predict them to do good things. They will probably give a couple of quality opponents a scare at home this season, but they probably won't be pulling off any earth-shattering upsets this season. Our expert NCAAF picks have the Cyclones finishing with a 3-9 record, which could lead to a coaching change for the program. The team has lacked an identity for several years, and this year may be the one that sends them over the edge and causes wholesale changes.